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Items Available for Purchase

$55.00 Sponsor a Teacher's Ticket (Full Ticket Cost)

$30.00 Sponsor a Teacher's Ticket (Portion of Cost)

$25.00 Fund the Need: Diversity Mural Supplies

Fund the Need! Help Ms. Dittamo and the ELL team create a mural that reflects the diversity of 35 countries represented by Hearst, the Best Little School in the District!

$25.00 Fund the Need: New Classroom Rugs

Fund the Need!  Donate $25 to replace the classroom rugs that have become worn from all the learning our kids are doing at the Best Little School in the District!

Cash Donation Amount

Donate to support academic enrichment programs, needed classroom technology, new library books, educational field trips, teacher professional development, and more!

Cash Contribution
$ .00
Paddle Raise - Arts Support

Raise the paddle to start a musical instrument program at Hearst and to improve our sound system.  Funds gathered will be used to purchase musical instruments and to develop a rental system for our students.  Funds will be also used to improve our gym's sound system for concerts, muscials, and other fun programming that is enjoyed by our community.

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